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What is FAST Testing?

It means First Alert Sling Testing.

Why First Alert?

It is our website sending you alerts to remind you it is time to test.

Why Advanced Mobile Proof Testing?

First Alert Sling Testing, LLC has the only ASTM E-4 calibrated portable test bed Louisiana. In fact, we are ahead of the curve in that our test bed is one of the few test beds in south Louisiana (portable or fixed) that can boast that claim. It is accurate to +- 1% traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NBS). Ask your current testing company for their ASTM E-4 certification! We are on-site and completely self-contained and outfitted with an Aggreko silent generator.

Our test bed is trailered to your location and manufactured by Roberts Testing, the most advanced in technology today. A GoBook II computer, the most ruggedized computer with the newest technology and components, drives the entire system.

The accuracy of the FAST system is a compressed foil strain gauge load cell that can accurately measure up to 150,000 pounds.

What is Fast Tracking?

The name given to the application that is running the website. Unique to FAST Testing

What does it do?

  1. Gives you the First Alert e-mail reminders with customer set parameters.
  2. Give you easy access to your certificates by querying the database based on dates, certification numbers or location.
  3. Easy access to certifications from any internet access point.
  4. Allows you the ability to view, attach to e-mails, print or copy as your needs arise.
  5. Gives you the option to separate your certs into categories (i.e.: slings, rigging, lift points)
Please click here for an example of a CERT in PDF file.

Why do I want this service?

We are here to make the process of compliance with all the majors as simple as possible for you and your company needs. With onsite testing coupled with inventory management, we will save you time, money and employee productivity.

By using an on-site testing service, we can eliminate the need and cost of a hotshot service. The wait time is minimized because we are on your location and you will be immediately presented with your re-certified items newly tagged, a CD and hard copy of each certificate with an actual graph of the test itself. Once the testing is done, those items can be put back into service immediately without the wait time for them to be returned.

We offer and provide convenience with professional service.

What does this cost me?

We are extremely competitive in this market for the services we provide, however, we cannot compete with free and within our power, we will not loose money. We have researched and acquired the newest in technology and the most accurate and durable equipment to ensure our service and equipment will surpass your expectations. Our goal is to ensure that we provide you with accuracy, safety and convenience and at the same time remain cost effective to you.

Can you repair or replace slings?

First Alert Sling Testing, LLC has chosen not to make nor repair slings as recommended by several major oil companies and large service companies. However, we can outsource this service to your respective sling manufacturing company of choice or will supply a complete turnkey of this service. This gives us access to the certificate of new equipment that we can upload and keep their inventory complete. We do at the moment turnkey the repairs and replacements at this time and provide hotshot service making the service seamless with our core business of testing.

Can you test baskets?

Our focus is on rigging equipment, however we have a source we will introduce you to. can store certificates of (1) slings, (2) rigging equipment and (3) basket lift points in the same data base providing the same functions as if they were tested by First Alert Sling Testing, LLC.

What are the dimensions?

Inside pin to pin is 21' 6" - for wire rope slings beyond this length up to 3/4" diameter, we have a FAST Length Doubler effectively doubles the pin to pin length. It is designed with a bearing to rotate freely has a d/D ratio of 20 and fleet angle of less than 5 as prescribed by RIGGING HANDBOOK, The complete illustrated field reference, Second Edition (rigging manual) for recommended basket configuration pulls.

We also have methods of pulling chains of any length.

At the moment, we can proof test up to 75 tons with definite future plans for additional equipment with much larger capacity and configurations.

What is your geographic coverage?

We are located in Lafayette, LA. We have and will service the entire gulf coast area.

What is your testing procedure?

We not only proof test each and every item, we will also visually inspect as per ANSI and OSHA’s yearly inspection requirements utilizing The Crosby Group’s inspection criteria.

What does a certificate look like?

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